Acoustic Emission Sensors, Preamplifiers, Amplifiers




Physical Acoustics’ sensors are built to "listen" to high frequency signals. Much like a highly-sensitive “ear,” Acoustic Emission sensors interpret the material’s “voice” into usable AE waveforms. Additionally, AE sensors help understand how materials behave in their natural setting.

AE sensors are a vital link in determining how to apply remedial solutions and repairs to resolve structural issues. AE sensors are used to test storage tanks, heat exchangers, piping, reactors, aerial lift devices, as well as gas, petro-chemical and nuclear power plants.

Physical Acoustics’ sensors can be built with specific features to meet project or application specific needs.




Flat Frequency Response

General Purpose

High Temperature

Integral Preamplifier

Intrinsically Safe

Low Frequency

Medium Frequency



Shear Wave



Very Low Noise





Preamplifiers recognize the extremely low amplitude AE signal produced from AE sensors, and convert the signals into amplified and usable forms. As applications and testing conditions vary, project needs may change as well. Physical Acoustics offers an entire line of preamplifiers for a variety of testing requirements. Operating in conjunction with our specialized AE software, preamplifiers also moderate signal size during the data collection process, helping to produce accurate results.