Visual Inspection


Industrial Videoscopes


Deliver bright images through high resolution LCD monitor and offer simple operation and outstanding performance such including recording functions.


Industrial Fiberscopes


Fiberscopes are flexible instruments that use a coherent fiber bundle to transmit an image back to the inspector's eye.



Industrial Rigid Borescopes


These rigid instruments use optical lens systems to transmit an image from the inspection area back to the eye and a non-coherent fiber bundle to illuminate the object.



Light Sources


These external units provide illumination which is transmitted to the viewing instrument by a light guide cable, and then through the scope via the integral fiber bundle to the viewing tip.


Turning Tools


Olympus Turning Tools (Rotators) are supported by a wide range of Engine specific adaptors. Each engine adaptor connects the OTT system to the hand turning point, or starter motor position, on the engine gearbox which allows the operator to go from basic to advanced functions.


Inspection Assist Software


Olympus Inspection Assist System simplifying your remote visual inspections and management. Its well-rounded enable fast and organized inspection process management and automatic report generation with customized report templates.


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