Acoustic Emission Aerial Man Lift Testing


Aerial Man Lift devices are prone to damage, which will render them unsafe, mainly due to improper use (e.g. lifting weights with the boom). Regular testing has been performed on the turntable, booms and basket of aerial man lifts for many major users in the US and Europe.


To test the equipment by Acoustic Emission, Sensors are placed at appropriate intervals along the booms, on the basket, and the turn table. The device is loaded to the proof load, as specified by the manufacturer (see picture) and any structural defects critical for the loads experienced by the device during the test, will evaluated against several criteria leading to a criticality assessment of each indication. Detected defects can be on any part of the device (100% testing) such as FRP sections, metallic sections, basket pins etc.


The test is rapid and is completed in a few hours.