Automated Ultrasonic (UT) Tube Corrosion Mapping


Mistras Group Hellas provides complete services for tube inspection of heat exchangers, boilers and coolers. Apart from the EC and RFT methods Mistras Group Hellas also provides automated ultrasonic inspections.

With the use of completely automated UT systems, designed for rapid measurements, C-Scan type displays are provided from small or medium diameter pipes.


A specially retrofitted probe is inserted inside the tube, together with water supply (as coupling material). The ultrasound is emitted vertical (for corrosion inspection), or at an angle (from 45 to 70, for the detection of imperfections as microcracks).

(Download Brochure, 209Kb)


UT probe for tube inspection


Tube mapping (in red are the areas with reduced thickness)


All measurements acquired are recorded and filed inside the system, separately for each tube. The final report contains analyzed data in colored maps or in Excel worksheets. The report contains also the highest, the lowest and the average thickness values for each tube wall.


Advantages of the method:

  • Inspection speed up to 100mm per second, depending on the desirable resolution.

  • The probe for data recording is inserted completely automated with a 300mm per second speed depending on the required measurement precision.

  • Complete 2 or 3 axes recording (C-Scan and B-Scan) with capability to export the data on Excel worksheet for further analysis.

  • Inspects tubes with diameters from 12mm up to 76mm.

  • Thickness and corrosion mapping and/or inspection for other types of imperfections.


Mistras Group Hellas also provides Eddy Currents tube inspection services.