Mistras Group Hellas ABEE has designed and produced innovative software mainly for NDT applications. Mistras Group Hellas offers complete software solutions for Acoustic Emission applications and Ultrasonic applications in various fields. Also Mistras Group Hellas have deliver successfully various custom software.


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See Mistras Group Hellas' NOESIS software for Advanced Analysis of Acoustic Emission Data, utilizing Visual objects and implementing Supervised Pattern Recognition, Unsupervised Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks and Advanced Waveform Management. New in this version is the Live-SPR (Data Classification and Processing During Acquisition).


See Mistras Group Hellas' AEwinPost. A fully featured Utility for data filtering and post processing of Acoustic Emission (AE) Data. The utility allows data preview using graphs, plots and tabular views. The data can be sorted, filtered etc through user select actions or user defined advanced filters. Waveform viewing and feature extraction, first hit extraction and many more features are available.
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Upgrade from AEwinPost v1.x to Noesis Light - 50% discount.

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Upgrade from AEwinPost v1.x to Noesis Enterprise - 35% discount.

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See Mistras Group Hellas' Software for Loose Parts Monitoring. A integrated platform for data acquisition and analysis of Transient Acoustic Emission Signals from Loose Parts in critical systems (e.g. reactor).


See Mistras Group Hellas' UTIA (Ultrasonic Imaging and Analysis) software for advanced Ultrasonic Data Analysis. UTIA provides the user with a complete set of tools for manipulating / post-processing, viewing and exporting ultrasonic A/B/C-Scan data. These tools allow for easy viewing, statistics, composite C-Scan images, 3D C-Scan images and image/data export to any Windows application. Also support advanced waveform management.


   Custom Solutions

See Mistras Group Hellas' custom software solutions.