ENVIROCOUSTICS ABEE has changed its name since 29/05/2012 to Mistras Group Hellas ABEE

formerly known as ENVIROCOUSTICS ABEE

High Tech NDT Solutions

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Field Test Services

Pressure Vessel AE Testing

Storage Tank Floor AE Testing

Leak Detection

Cryogenic Tank AE Testing

Cool Down Testing

Transformers Gassing & Partial Discharge Testing

Aerial Man Lift Testing

Composite Tanks Testing


Systems & Instrumentation

Multichannel Systems

Acoustic Emission Multichannel SystemsSensors

Leak Detectors

Special Instruments

Hand held Systems







What is Acoustic Emission (AE) ?



Field Test Services

Thickness Measurements

Large Structure Corrosion Mapping

Weld Inspection

Tube Corrosion Mapping

Guided Ultrasonic Waves


Systems & Instrumentation

Thickness Gauges

Flaw Detectors

UT Boards

UT Automated Systems

UT Transducers






Eddy Currents by Nortec

Magnetic Particles &
Dye Penetrants
by Magnaflux

- Magnetic Particle Inspection

- Colour Contrast Penetrants

- Fluorescent Penetrants

- MT & PT Equipment

Wire Rope NDT by Intron

Video Inspection

Quick, qualitative inspections in hard-to-reach places

Impact Echo

NDT evaluation of concrete and masonry structures

Resistivity Testing by Physical Acoustics Corporation

AE Tank Floor Inspection with TANKPAC


No Need to Empty or Clean the Tank.

100% Floor Inspection

Verified Reliability

Inspection and Evaluation of Annular Ring

Immediate Results

Rapid testing: 50 meter tank in one day

Identify tanks that need inspection and repair

Leave good tanks on-line and save the shut-down and cleaning costs


NOESIS - Acoustic Emission Data Advanced Analysis Software


See Mistras Group Hellas' NOESIS version 5.0 software for Advanced Analysis of Acoustic Emission Data, utilizing Visual objects and implementing Supervised Pattern Recognition, Unsupervised Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks and Advanced Waveform Management.

New in this version is the Live-SPR (Data Classification and Processing During Acquisition).


AE Pressure Vessel Inspection with MONPAC


MONPAC is an Acoustic Emission based expert system for evaluating the structural integrity of metallic pressure vessels, spheres, columns and tanks. MONPAC consists of AE test procedures and evaluation criteria and enables 100% inspection of the vessel during one pressure test. MONPAC can be applied during First Hydrotest of a new Pressure Vessel according to ASME-V Part 12, Requalification Hydrotest of a used Pressure Vessel, On Line Pressurization (in-service with working fluid).


microDiSP - Portable Acoustic Emission System


Portable 4 -  8 channel battery (optional) and notebook operated micro-chassis AE system containing the PCI/DSP-4 cards.

Ideal for research and field applications where high speed, low noise, varied testing purposes, light weight and small pack system are required.


Panametrics Series 35 Precision Thickness Gages


These versatile handheld models make accurate and repeatable thickness measurements on parts where access to the opposite surface is difficult or impossible. They can also calculate and display Material Sound Velocity or Time-of-Flight to determine material characteristics. Measurements are instantly displayed as large numerals on the backlit display.

New AEwinPost v2.0

The new version of the post-processing Acoustic Emission Data software is released.

Upgrade now !!!

Read information.

MG2 Series Thickness Gages


These small but rugged units provide fast and accurate measurements on internally corroded parts. The MG2 Series has a host of practical measurement features including Automatic Probe Recognition, High Temperature capabilities, and Min Max and Freeze Modes.


OmniScan - Portable Modular NDT Instrument


The instrument is a modular platform which supports various technologies such as the ultrasound, the ultrasound phased array, the eddy current and the eddy current array, in order to cover most of the test applications required in various business sectors.

The OmniScan™ is built to work in the harshest field conditions. Its solid polycarbonate-based casing and rubber bumpers make it a splashproof instrument that can withstand drops, shocks, and hits, as well as water jet cleaning.


UTIA - Ultrasonic Imaging and Analysis Software


Mistras Group Hellas' UTIA software for advanced Ultrasonic Data Analysis provides the user with a complete set of tools for manipulating / post-processing, viewing and exporting ultrasonic A/B/C-Scan data. These tools allow for easy viewing, statistics, composite C-Scan images, 3D C-Scan images and image/data export to any Windows application. Also support advanced waveform management.


Automated Ultrasonics Immersion SystemULTRAPAC - Ultrasonic C-Scan / Imaging System


ULTRAPAC offers an unmatched range of Ultrasonic imaging capabilities and allows acquisition and analysis by means of Pulse-Echo and Through Transmission techniques. The easily maintained PC-based system allows acquisition and analysis for comprehensive quantitative data which are mapped by A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, as well as D-Scan (3-D images).


EPOCH LT Flaw DetectorEPOCH LT - Flaw Detector by Panametrics


A truly handheld, affordable flaw detector designed specifically for applications that don’t require many of the highly specialized features and documentation capabilities found in our larger units.


Acoustic Emission AEGIS s/w for W/T BladesResearch & Development


On-going European and Domestic research programs include Wind Turbine Blade assessment by Acoustic Emission, concrete damage and properties assessment by Acoustic Emission and Acousto-Ultrasonic techniques. See also information about in-house research and development.

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