Wire Rope NDT


INTROS Wire Rope Magnetic Flaw Detectors by INTRON Simple and fast wire rope testing


The lightest and smallest two-channel magnetic flaw detector for steel ropes.


INTROS detects and records objectively rope condition, defining rope safety margin:

  • measures relative loss of metallic area (LMA), caused by wearing, for the ropes having round or rectangular cross section (flat rope) as like as for steel-rubber balancing ropes

  • detects external and internal local faults (LF), like broken wires or pitting corrosion

Due to NDT the in-time replacement of a rope, according to its real condition, minimizes:

  • risk of an unfit rope use

  • economical loss because of premature replacement of a fit rope

INTROS provides two application modes:

  • real-time with current LMA readings and detected LF indicating on a LED display and strip-chart recorder

  • memory loading mode with the following data downloading to a computer, processing the data and submitting of a report under the WINTROS software control.

Application on wire ropeways in Austria.

Application on construction wire ropes in Germany.